What is a Panelized Home?

Panelized homes are a form of prefabricated home. As with other factory built homes panelized homes fall under different names. Some people will refer to them as kit homes, panelized construction kit or panelized kit homes.

Picture of a Completed Panelized Home

A Completed Panelized Home

Like all factory built homes the panelized home is built in a controlled environment. This allows for reduced costs, faster production environment, better quality control, a safer work area and a better environment that is not affected by weather. With the right company and builders the panelized home, like other prefab homes, can provide a faster, more cost effective and higher quality end product.

People sometimes confuse a modular home with a panelized home. The big difference is that a modular home is built and shipped in nearly complete sections or modules where the panelized home is typically shipped off in smaller pieces and wall sections. The size and amount of construction on the sections depends on the company producing the panelized home. Some will send off individual pieces while others build the wall frames, flooring, roof panels and other sections. Some companies provide all the external finishings and kits even include the necessary nails and caulk.

Picture of a Panelized Home Open Wall

A panelized home wall being placed. Note this is an open wall system with insulation already sprayed.

A panelized house will require a lot more piecing together than a modular house. To help with the construction each factory has a coding system that is provided with the pieces shipped. This coding system allows for an organized build and can sometimes be put together in a sequential construction method. Each piece is made at the factory to fit together so this system really helps build time and to prevent confusion and waste.

One benefit of a panelized home over a modular or manufactured home is that the designs are not limited by a certain size. A modular home section and manufactured home size is limited by shipping regulations on roadways whereas a panelized home is pieced together on the job site so larger rooms can be constructed with less concern about shipping. Not being limited by module size can allow for more customized options in the new home or when adding to an old home.

If you watch the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition you will have seen them using panelized home construction. The show has worked with several factories that have provided panelized sections for the show.

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