6 Benefits to Factory Built Homes

Factory Built Home Facility

Factory built homes or prefab homes have potential benefits that far surpass site built homes. Following is a short summary of some of these benefits.

Build Time – One of the benefits of a factory built home is a quicker turn around time. Like any factory built product the assembly line has been designed and refined to improve build times. Beyond the efficiency of an assembly line there is also the controlled working environment. Weather is almost a non-issue and less likely to slow down the process. Further, the workspace is cleaner and easier to keep free of product and debris.

Cost – For any manufacturer costs are a major consideration. The factory setting allows for optimization of product procurement which saves on purchasing and delivery costs. The factory setting also allows for stocking of materials to prevent time delays. Production is pre-planned and more efficient which lowers production hours and saves on material waste. Labor can be more affordable and the work can be done faster due to practice. In the long run a quality factory direct home can be cheaper to maintain, heat and cool.

Environmental – With a factory home there is potential to build and maintain the home in a more environmentally friendly or green way. There are numerous factors which can have small to large effects on the environment. Some of these factors include less wood and product waste, a central location for workers to get to (car pooling, public transit) and less transportation of materials. Prefabricated homes are typically more green as well. Factory build homes can be more environmentally friendly due to improved energy efficiency.

Build Quality – A great benefit of prebuilt homes is their build quality. Modular homes for example have a strict building code that needs to be adhered to. Build quality is much easier to monitor and fix while on the assembly line. A controlled environment prevents serious weather based problems from occurring. In other words, it can mean less chance of mold, leaks, squeaks and drafts.

Accountability – One of the biggest benefits of a factory built home is accountability. Many factory homes are warrantied and you know where the builder is. Once a site built home is complete it can be tough to track down contractors. It’s a lot more difficult for a factory to pack up and walk away.

As with anything else you need to do your due diligence as a buyer. Check into the builder and ensure they are taking advantage of the factory setting. Have they produced good work in the past? Will they back up their work? Do your research before you make your choice.

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  1. Locksmith San Francisco August 4, 2011 at 1:31 am #

    Interesting points about buying a prefab home instead of a site built one.

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