Modular Home Quality

Let us look at some of the reasons that modular house quality is surpassing conventional building quality. While there are many factors to consider, they can be generally divided into three categories: people, place and process or who, where and how.

Who builds modular homes? The employees of modular home companies build modular homes. This means that each house is built by a team with each person specializing in a single aspect of construction. Employees work daily with one another, depend on one another’s work and therefore hold each other accountable for workmanship. The result is consistency and quality. Conventional homes are constructed by subcontractors: a workforce made up of strangers who travel from job to job. These laborers have little accountability once they’ve moved on and even less investment in the quality of the final product.

Where are modular houses built? They are constructed in a factory or, to be even more general, they are constructed indoors. This means that building materials are stored and processed in a controlled climate. It also means that laborers are able to work in a comfortable setting with little concern about the weather. By contrast, site built houses are constructed outdoors and subject to the natural elements of the local area. Materials are subject to fluctuations in temperature and humidity which can cause warping, mold and mildew. Laborers must often work in challenging conditions like extreme heat or cold which can adversely affect the quality of work done.

How are modular homes built? They are created using an assembly line process. Modular construction is standardized, supervised and inspected for quality at every stage. On the other hand, the process of building a traditional home depends on the availability of a general contractor, materials and labor. Work is often unsupervised and checked only upon completion.

In conclusion, modular houses are built better because they need to be and there are many factors that contribute to the quality of modular housing. Modules must withstand transport over long distances and be structurally strong enough to be lifted by crane. It is important to note that the quality of the house still depends on the quality of the manufacturer. Likewise, the general contractor and laborers who put the modules together on site will affect the quality of the home.

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