What is a Modular Home?

A modular home is a house that is made up of sections, or modules, that have been constructed in a factory and then transported to the building site for assembly. The modules resemble rooms or partial rooms and are generally square or rectangular in shape. They are built in a factory under controlled conditions and then encased in plastic before transport to reduce any chance of damage or wear. They are usually moved on flat bed trucks and unloaded by crane at the home site. With the help of a general contractor, and the crane, the modules are joined together and set onto a foundation. Plumbing, wiring, interior and exterior finishes are then completed.

Modern modular homes can be engineered to virtually any size and configuration. There are hundreds of floor plans available and a variety of styles to choose from. They offer the same feature, fixture and appliance options as conventionally built houses. Modular home plans can incorporate decks, porches, garages and basements but these additions are built on site rather than in the factory. Modular home construction can be used to produce simple ranch houses, luxury mansions, multi family dwellings or duplexes. Modular cabins, cottages and chalet modular homes are common types of vacation structures. Many modular home manufacturers are even willing to develop a custom design.

The production of a new modular house begins once the contract is signed and a deposit is received. Buyers can purchase through modular home dealers or directly through a modular factory. While the house is being built, the site should be prepared. Buyers should find a general contractor who is familiar with modular construction and often the manufacturer will recommend or provide one. Quality of the final product is determined by the work of both the modular builder and the general contractor.

New modular homes are built approximately 90 percent in the factory and 10 percent on site. This reduces construction time from start to finish, limits the potential for weather damage and lowers the cost of contracting. They are engineered to the same building codes, cost the same to insure, look the same and have the same resale value as traditionally built houses. For all of these reasons, modular home building is gaining in popularity and acceptance around the world.

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